Fun Facts!

1) SARCASM IMPROVES CREATIVITY! Weird but true huh! Studies have revealed that sarcasm improves creativity and smartness. People who receive sarcastic comments need to process different layers of information like biasness, viewpoint, experience etc. This improces probelm solving ability and creative thinking. Thus, regular exposure to sarcasm is good:)

2) COLORS INFLUENCE HOW YOU FEEL. Different colors can stir up certain emotions because of what we associate with these hues from nature. For example, blue is a very calming color and enhances relaxation because ot's associated with the ocean, whereas yellow is considered a joyous, vibrant color due to its connection to the sun.

3) THE WAY YOU FEEL IS ALWAYS WRITTEN ON YOUR FACE! When a person experiences a stong emotion but tries to conceal their feelings, they let out a micro expression- a brief involuntary expression of emotion. Microexpressions occur so fast that tey are often not seen in real time. But when recorded and analyzed in slow motion, they can provide a fascination insight into a person's true emotional state.

4) BAD FEELINGS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR WELL BEING. Experiencing negative emotions such as fear and anger is important for mental health and helps us evaluate our experiences in a positive way. Someone who only experiences positive emotions runs the risk of becoming complacent and ignoring the issues that really matter.

5) A MOOD LASTS MUCH LONGER THAN AN EMOTION. From minutes to several days. It also affects how you experience emotions. For instance, if you're in an irritable mood, you tend to experience anger more readily than usual.

6) SELF-AWARENESS IS THE KEY. The earlier an emotion, the more choice you will have in dealing with it. You gain more self-awareness through meditation.

7) EMOTIONS BEHIND THE SCENE are subjective experiences that trigger cognitice processes (emotion labeling and reasioning), physical sensations (flush), behaviors (facial expressions), and mental/physical changes.

8) YOU CAN CULTIVATE AND CHANGE YOUR EMOTIONS. Thanks to amazing prefrontal cortex, you can shift your attention from an emotion, interpret it in your own way or even change the meaning of it, thus your reaction to it.